Behrmann Motors is your # 1 Commercial Dealer.  We offer the most vast Commercial line up on the market.  From Small heavy duty pickups to 33 ton trucks to busses, we have it.  Choose only the best so you can focus on growing your business


We are the only dealership to represent 5 top Manufacturers.  From small passenger cars to large SUV’s you are at home here at Behrmann Motors.  Join our family and receive the treatment and service you deserve.  Our sales representatives will be happy to serve you.

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Buying a vehicle is an imporant purchase.  We believe in the hands on experience.  Nothing beats driving the vehicle you want to buy.

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Our Quicklane service and repair center is at your service.  With certified technicians and quick delivery times, we are at your service.

 2019 SUMMER Specials

Summer specials are here and READY !

2019 Mitsubishi ASX

  • 4cyl 2.0L 4×4
  • Transmission Auto/Tiptronic
  • 16″ Alloy wheels
  • Touch disply with bluetooth
  • Daylight LED lights

2019 Kia Sportage

  • 4cyl 2.0L 4×4
  • Automatic / tiptronic
  • 16″ Alloy wheels
  • Bluetooth
  • Rear view camera

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander

  • 4cyl 2.0L 4×4
  • Automatic / tiptronic
  • 16″ Alloy wheels
  • Bluetooth
  • Rear view camera
  • 3 row seats leather
  • Sun roof / Power trunk

2018 VW POLO

  • 1.6L Gasoline 4×4
  • 15″ alloy wheels
  • Automatic / tiptronic
  • Bluetooth, USB, touch display
  • Leather steering wheel


  • 4cyl 3,900cc 4×4
  • Doube cabin
  • Air Conditioning
  • 4 ton
  • Rear bed included

2019 Mitsubishi Montero

apd.. $47,400
  • 4cyl 2800cc 4×4
  • Manual or Automatic transmission
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cloth or leather seats
  • Three row seating
  • Bluetooth*
  • LED Spot lights *

Our Trusted Brands

It today’s competitive world, one must be selective.  We offer the most extensive line up consisting of the top vehicle Manufacturers in the world

Maintenance & Service

Trust your vehicle to the professionals.  With more then 60 years experience, our Quicklane / Repair center is equipped with the top technicians and tools to fix your vehicle right.

  • Brand dedicated Service advisors
  • 1 hour service time
  • Free Multipoint inspection
“At Behrmann Motors we have dedicated ourselves to our customers, not because its the way to do business but because it is part of our dna.  at Behrmann Motors you are king”
“I have been a customer here at Behrmann for over 15 years.  Their customer service and care is like no other.  They are always available”

“Haiti’s road conditions are far from decent, and having a dealership that you can trust is important.  Behrmann Motors has always been along my side in my vehicle choices”

“Its funny when someone asks me how my Behrmann experience is, I haven’t thought of buying elsewhere ever.  I feel Behrmann Motors always has my back”

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